Stopping Premature Ejaculation without the Hassle


Your Path to a Cure

What if your journey to finding a premature ejaculation cure was easy and hassle free? Like hitting the easy button, Viamed Australia has tailored solutions to fit male patients who desperately want their sex lives back.  Patients can once again regain their self-esteem by lasting longer in bed and pleasing their partners without the hassle of walking into a crowded doctor’s office and suffering the undue embarrassment of listing off their symptoms to nurse.

Freedom of Discretion

By scheduling a telemedicine consultation with a qualified doctor, male patients find that their preference for confidentially is a highly regarded benefit with Viamed Australia.  You can even get pre-calculated costs for these confidential answers via their website.

Hassle Free Telemedicine Consultations

There is no need to suffer in silence when treatment advice is no more than a phone call away. Viamed Australia has a long standing tradition of facilitating a faster and more convenient way to diagnose any problems with sexual dysfunction that you may be having.

A thorough more relaxed telemedicine consult for the patient translates into better informed decision making for both parties. There is no red tape to cut through and patients can still receive enhanced quality care of this troubling condition.

Medical phone consultations serve to actually improve administrative effectiveness and allow Viamed Australia to better coordinate with your direct needs.  Before treatment programs even commence, patients are afforded a debriefing consultation as to why they might be symptomatic and what other options may be available to them through the company.

 Faster Access to Treatment Records

Treating premature ejaculation through telemedicine not only supports the timeliness of developing a custom treatment plan for patients, but it also provides easy access to reviewing a patient’s medical history and treatment outlines.

A one stop shop also reduces the risk of drug interactions when patients start a specific treatment plan with a primary centered company when one or more prescriptions may be needed.

Exploring Telemedicine with Viamed Australia

Advancements in remote in-home monitoring using telemedicine are an outstanding and acceptable option for the treatment of premature ejaculation.  What you may not know about Viamed Australia’s telemedicine program is that the company not only offers a no contract treatment policy, but they also work with patients on payment solutions that fit their life.  No upfront payments, no contracts, being able to opt out at any time and ceasing payment plans without any obligation to the patient.  What’s not to like?

24 Hour 7 Support

Unlike your local doctor’s office, Viamed Australia offers full-time phone support for any questions that may arise with their patients. They find that higher program completion rates exist when care is provided at each step along the way.

Patients are less worried about their current condition when they know they have access to physicians at any time of the day or night.  At any given time, male consultants are on staff that can provide free information for potential patients giving thought to embarking on one of Viamed’s custom treatment programs. It’s a no hassle approach and a win-win situation that is a group effort leading to all participants benefiting.


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