Pay as you Go Have Sex Real Slow

Learn how to stop premature ejaculation in its tracks and avoid breaking the bank to get the treatment you need.  Discover how the right telemedicine program can make all the difference when it comes to curing your sexual dysfunction once and for all.  Say no to stressful contracts that lock you into extensive treatment even if you’ve conquered the problem.  Treatment on your terms should be the gold standard and patients shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Telemedicine-Stop Paying Up Front



If you’re stressed about having to pay to treat your problem with premature ejaculation up front, there are better solutions on the horizon.  Men with a sexual dysfunction can spend tons of money for sound medical advice and access to cutting edge treatments, but with Viamed Australia there’s no need to drain your wallet or your time and energy.  Don’t be fooled into paying up front by companies promising you a large discount.

Our Qualified doctors are on staff to help men succeed and overcome their individual problems with premature ejaculation.  They want you to see that the proof is in the pudding before having to pay for any telephone medical consultations.  There’s no need to rush to the finish line with Viamed Australia and men can have all the time in the world to concentrate on what matters most, having sex and having it slow.


Convenient and Discreet Payment Programs to Fit Your Life

 Pay as You Go logo_Layout 1

If you want to stop the problem of PE and its cyclic effects for good, Viamed Australia offers a pay as you go program.  This payment program helps ease the burden of having patients come up with a lump sum just to them started in the right direction.  Viamed Australia wants you to reap some of the benefits of treatment while simultaneously making payments on their successful program.

Using telemedicine to talk one on one with physicians who specialize in sexual dysfunction shouldn’t have to cost an arm or a leg and is definitely less of a hassle than walking into your local doctors’ office.  It expands your access to doctors while allowing patients the comfort of knowing their secret is safe with us. You get specialized treatment programs that are tailored specifically to your problem with real-time responses.  We’re just a step away from your PC, tablet or smart phone and we’re here when you need us.


The “No Contract” Option-Leaving on Your Terms


When dealing with a sensitive subject like treatment for a sexual problem, the last thing you want is to get locked into a contract that adds even more stress to your life.  We feel that our patients should be able to receive a prescription without having to sign on the dotted line.  Men should leave the treatment program on their own terms when they feel they are ready to do so.

With telemedicine becoming more common, it only makes sense to provide convenient, personalized and affordable care on your terms.  It should be a simple and effective process that enables patients to really make great medical strides in their care with new and effective treatment for PE. Our motto is “Leave your pen at home and save your John Hand cock for those that really need it”.


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