No Commitment-No Premature Ejaculation

Find out what why no commitment telemedicine companies have patient advantages and more equipped to handle specific case to case treatment plans for men who suffer from premature ejaculation. You’ll understand after reading this why avoiding stress free contracts is the only way to go.  Telemedicine holds great promise if patients understand which companies are truly out to help them.

Our Promise-Your Decision with No Strings Attached

Male operating puppet controls

Clinical treatment services shouldn’t come attached with strict guidelines and confusing contracts.  Case management guidance for premature ejaculation (PE) increases client satisfaction when they know they are not bound by ridiculous payment or extended treatment terms. One of the main advantages to virtual treatment for PE is that it takes the pressure off of patients to travel over great distances if they live far away.  Why not enjoy the riches of a better sex life and leave the fine print behind?

Enjoying the Freedom-How to be your own best advocate

Another nice thing about not signing a telemedicine contract with a company is being able to access your risk level without taking on the responsibility of inconvenient payment structures and getting unwarranted costly treatments you may not need.  Telemedicine with Viamed Australia differs from the pack because it’s a no commitment zone in which we allow our patients the freedom of choice.  To choose when they feel they have gotten all they can get from our treatment programs and walk away scot free with no monkeys on their back trying to coax them out of more money.


Security and Peace of Mind

 peace of mind replacement

Between Viamed Australia’s board certified physicians and our record for successfully treating men with premature ejaculation, patients don’t feel vulnerable or have to worry about confidentially and face to face consultations that are uncomfortable to say the least.  We take stress out of the equation so our patients can concentrate on curing the source of their sexual dysfunction.  Patients tap into not only discovering preventative lines of treatment, but also are taught to remove barriers or obstacles that might be currently holding them back from breaking free of the premature ejaculation cycle.

Our fundamental goal is to provide top notch medical care in the field of sexual dysfunction by letting us worry about how to monitor your treatment program without overruling or formalizing patient’s wishes. The level of care that is designated for male patients should be carefree, easy and most of all commitment free.

No Need for Heavy Handed Tactics


Sometimes telemedicine companies take an all or nothing approach to the treatment PE.  They try and negotiate with patients in order to compartmentalize patient symptoms and in turn present ineffective cookie cutter solutions.  Viamed Australia doesn’t believe that PE is a black and white issue and that for every patient there just may be a gray area that needs specialized treatment plans.  We take our initial tele-consultation seriously by being objective and non-committal, while at the same time being fair to our patients.

Our intention is to make men feel good about making even the smallest progress rather than tackling to much all at once.  Instead, we offer a series of solutions without dictating tiring treatment terms. Sometimes it takes a few battles to win the war over sexual dysfunction.  Our strategy relieves patients of the burden of having a controlled agenda pushed onto them.  This alleviates and neutralizes the patient’s fears about being able to succeed with our program.


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