How to cure premature ejaculation?

It’s not something you care of when you get into your bed late night. The hectic and tight schedule makes it very troublesome to carry out everything just close to normal in your happy married life. Maybe you are in love with each other but expressing it with passion is what makes you special for your partner.

What happens in bed is something very private and discussing problems that occur due to some silly reasons are therefore not mentioned and in result making it a serious problem in carrying out the relationship to the next level. Premature ejaculation is a situation during the sexual intercourse, when you get ejaculated before you or your partner would like. In simple words it is the reduction in your sex power and abilities to stay longer in the action. It is something that has destroyed many relationships due to its sensitivity.    Lack of communication has been acting as a killing agent in this subject and the differences keep on increasing.

Cure premature ejaculation2

No doubt that sex is an important part of your life and actually the foundation of a strong bonding between two people. There has been a lot of discussion on premature ejaculation, and people are confused about it. A lot of rumors have been spread a due to them people get deflected in the wrong direction and end up doing something bad to themselves. Now when we are talking about premature ejaculation, you need to know what it actually is and when it becomes a problem for you.

Sometimes you get home from your work and you had a tiring day and are totally exhausted, this is a situation when you are not ready for something like hard sex or compassionate sex and you get ejaculated in quick time and feel like oh what the hell is wrong with me. You start feeling as if you are not normal and spread your reach to your doctors and other consultants and end up ruining yourself.

There are no criteria of the duration in the sexual intercourse. It’s the quality of your o that matters. Be there for short but give your best and show her how you feel that how beautiful and special she is for you. Premature ejaculation is nothing but a negative state of mind where you find yourself in depression.


There is a solution to everything and premature ejaculation is nothing but how you feel. Here are some tips for staying longer in bed and getting that confidence and passion back into your life.

The squeeze method is a very prevalent technique used over the world to cure premature ejaculation. It’s about squeezing the tip of your erect penis that makes you go calmer and helps in staying longer.

Always start with some foreplay just don’t rush to penetration make her feel special and arouse her to the very extent.

Cure premature ejaculation

Keeping a smooth rhythmic motion helps in increasing that pleasure as well as duration. Keep it with a steady pace and hard.

Tell her how special it is. Talking during the intercourse makes it more fun, and increases the time by a huge amount.

It’s not about for how much time you were into her; it’s about the quality of time and love.






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