Stopping Premature Ejaculation without the Hassle


Your Path to a Cure

What if your journey to finding a premature ejaculation cure was easy and hassle free? Like hitting the easy button, Viamed Australia has tailored solutions to fit male patients who desperately want their sex lives back.  Patients can once again regain their self-esteem by lasting longer in bed and pleasing their partners without the hassle of walking into a crowded doctor’s office and suffering the undue embarrassment of listing off their symptoms to nurse.

Freedom of Discretion

By scheduling a telemedicine consultation with a qualified doctor, male patients find that their preference for confidentially is a highly regarded benefit with Viamed Australia.  You can even get pre-calculated costs for these confidential answers via their website.

Hassle Free Telemedicine Consultations

There is no need to suffer in silence when treatment advice is no more than a phone call away. Viamed Australia has a long standing tradition of facilitating a faster and more convenient way to diagnose any problems with sexual dysfunction that you may be having.

A thorough more relaxed telemedicine consult for the patient translates into better informed decision making for both parties. There is no red tape to cut through and patients can still receive enhanced quality care of this troubling condition.

Medical phone consultations serve to actually improve administrative effectiveness and allow Viamed Australia to better coordinate with your direct needs.  Before treatment programs even commence, patients are afforded a debriefing consultation as to why they might be symptomatic and what other options may be available to them through the company.

 Faster Access to Treatment Records

Treating premature ejaculation through telemedicine not only supports the timeliness of developing a custom treatment plan for patients, but it also provides easy access to reviewing a patient’s medical history and treatment outlines.

A one stop shop also reduces the risk of drug interactions when patients start a specific treatment plan with a primary centered company when one or more prescriptions may be needed.

Exploring Telemedicine with Viamed Australia

Advancements in remote in-home monitoring using telemedicine are an outstanding and acceptable option for the treatment of premature ejaculation.  What you may not know about Viamed Australia’s telemedicine program is that the company not only offers a no contract treatment policy, but they also work with patients on payment solutions that fit their life.  No upfront payments, no contracts, being able to opt out at any time and ceasing payment plans without any obligation to the patient.  What’s not to like?

24 Hour 7 Support

Unlike your local doctor’s office, Viamed Australia offers full-time phone support for any questions that may arise with their patients. They find that higher program completion rates exist when care is provided at each step along the way.

Patients are less worried about their current condition when they know they have access to physicians at any time of the day or night.  At any given time, male consultants are on staff that can provide free information for potential patients giving thought to embarking on one of Viamed’s custom treatment programs. It’s a no hassle approach and a win-win situation that is a group effort leading to all participants benefiting.


Why Are Men Choosing Viamed Australia?

Why are more men enjoying a richer more fulfilling sex life? It’s because they’ve made the decision to contact Viamed Australia for their treatment of premature ejaculation.  Viamed Australia is the fasted growing choice for telemedicine consultations because they truly understand the steps required for delivering results.  Viamed Australia is leading the pack with cutting edge personalized premature ejaculation treatment plans and a history of high success rates.

How Viamed Australia can help you

If you’re over the age of 18 and you’ve been experiencing problems with premature ejaculation that has not resolved itself or has interfered with your sex life and relationships, let us evaluate your history and symptoms.

They work directly with Australian doctors who have 20 years in pharmacology experience and are registered to assist you with administering treatment programs along with any required prescriptions you may need.

Within only 14 days of beginning a custom treatment program, male patients can expect to start seeing an impact in their condition and a begin enjoying a more fruitful sex life.

The Viamed Difference

A no contract policy combined with the fact that men can opt out at any time is a big advantage over worrying about other telemedicine companies who trap you into unnecessary extended treatment programs and lump sum up front payments.  They work with patients to make sure they are fully satisfied and successful in their treatment programs before collecting any payments.

There are a wide range of solutions that they offer to their male patients without wasting their time with methods they may have already tried previously.  They also hand select the lightest medicine on the market that will work right for each patient.

They actively support advancing medical technologies in the field of sexual dysfunctions and our proud to provide discreet and confidential services instead of taking your money and providing you with nothing in return.

Viamed Australia continues to carry a high completion rate for their sexual dysfunction rehabilitation programs and work with patients should their circumstances change throughout the treatment process.

No hidden costs or confusing fine print

When dealing with a telemedicine company, patients should make sure that there are no undisclosed charges hidden within program terms before starting any treatment.  Viamed Australia encourages potential patients to ask any financial payment questions they may have and happily discloses payment information before starting patients on a path to a cure.

Reordering and Hassle Free Solutions

Even before speaking with a physician, patients have the option of talking with a male web consultant. If they think the process will work for them they don’t even need to decide right away.  Once they decide to take action, they can then schedule a phone consultation with a skilled and specialized physician.

Having doctors that are always a phone call away is a great reassurance for a lot of male patients.  Reordering any medicines is easy and convenient and support is available should any adjustments to your program be required.  Discreet courier delivery is also one of the things that Viamed Australia is proud of.  Patients are put first and 24 hour full customer service is available for any questions as men progress throughout the program.

Making the right choice is simple after hearing all the advantages to starting treatment and enjoying life again. It’s easy to see why most men choose full rehabilitation of premature ejaculation instead of settling for anything less.

How Long Does it Take to Cure Premature Ejaculation?

sad_smiley_face_wall_clockPlacing Timeframes on a Cure
There are many reasons why some men experience problems with premature ejaculation. The root of the problem can be attributed to many problems such as abnormal hormone levels with Testosterone, anxiety, certain thyroid conditions and the list goes on. A majority of men want to know how long it will take to cure a sexual dysfunction like premature ejaculation. This is where there is no real conclusive answer to placing a timeframe on recovering from this condition.

Cures vary from individual to individual and every man’s situation is different, as is their response to tailored treatment programs. Premature ejaculation can be a frustrating and anxiety riddled roller coaster ride for men, but there is no way to tell how long a man will be symptomatic.
Having a Support System in Place
Because there are no clear cut definitive timeframes for premature ejaculation cure rates, its best that men who have to deal with premature ejaculation have an understanding partner, as well as a knowledgeable medical professional who knows what treatments will be the right ones for them.
You’d be surprised how much longer you can last in the bedroom when you are carrying around less anxiety and positive reinforcements in your life.
Managing PE and Striving for Swift Cure
A large majority of men have already tried different modes of tackling premature ejaculation before they even see a doctor for it. Some men only experience brief periods of this problem, while others are stuck in whirlwind pattern of annoying symptoms. Treatments such as numbing creams only serve to provide a temporary fix and before you know it, these male patients are cycling back into being symptomatic again. Behavioral treatments such as masturbation techniques, pelvic muscle control tips, varied sexual positions along with accompanying medicines will assist men in getting to the finish line on time. Slow and steady wins the race and step by step you will take control of your sex life again.


You can train your body not to rush in and trigger an orgasm within the first few minutes. Masturbatory patterns in particular are a learned behavior, so if you can conquer the proper way to harness them, your mind and body will react the way you want them too.

Just like a party in full swing, it’s good to be on time or fashionably late.  It keeps things more interesting and your partner more satisfied. It’s no fun when you arrive too early and there’s no one else that gets to enjoy your lingering company. With a number of modalities all working together, the prognosis for a cure can be highly successful venture.

Maintaining a positive attitude


To completely eradicate the problems with premature ejaculation, it’s important that men be consistent with treatment programs and follow through on their doctors’ instructions.  Self-help and a positive attitude in conjunction with your premature ejaculation treatment are of utmost importance for winning the battle and getting your mind and body to work together as a team. A patient’s attitude plays an integral part in helping to cure premature ejaculation.

Pay as you Go Have Sex Real Slow

Learn how to stop premature ejaculation in its tracks and avoid breaking the bank to get the treatment you need.  Discover how the right telemedicine program can make all the difference when it comes to curing your sexual dysfunction once and for all.  Say no to stressful contracts that lock you into extensive treatment even if you’ve conquered the problem.  Treatment on your terms should be the gold standard and patients shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Telemedicine-Stop Paying Up Front



If you’re stressed about having to pay to treat your problem with premature ejaculation up front, there are better solutions on the horizon.  Men with a sexual dysfunction can spend tons of money for sound medical advice and access to cutting edge treatments, but with Viamed Australia there’s no need to drain your wallet or your time and energy.  Don’t be fooled into paying up front by companies promising you a large discount.

Our Qualified doctors are on staff to help men succeed and overcome their individual problems with premature ejaculation.  They want you to see that the proof is in the pudding before having to pay for any telephone medical consultations.  There’s no need to rush to the finish line with Viamed Australia and men can have all the time in the world to concentrate on what matters most, having sex and having it slow.


Convenient and Discreet Payment Programs to Fit Your Life

 Pay as You Go logo_Layout 1

If you want to stop the problem of PE and its cyclic effects for good, Viamed Australia offers a pay as you go program.  This payment program helps ease the burden of having patients come up with a lump sum just to them started in the right direction.  Viamed Australia wants you to reap some of the benefits of treatment while simultaneously making payments on their successful program.

Using telemedicine to talk one on one with physicians who specialize in sexual dysfunction shouldn’t have to cost an arm or a leg and is definitely less of a hassle than walking into your local doctors’ office.  It expands your access to doctors while allowing patients the comfort of knowing their secret is safe with us. You get specialized treatment programs that are tailored specifically to your problem with real-time responses.  We’re just a step away from your PC, tablet or smart phone and we’re here when you need us.


The “No Contract” Option-Leaving on Your Terms


When dealing with a sensitive subject like treatment for a sexual problem, the last thing you want is to get locked into a contract that adds even more stress to your life.  We feel that our patients should be able to receive a prescription without having to sign on the dotted line.  Men should leave the treatment program on their own terms when they feel they are ready to do so.

With telemedicine becoming more common, it only makes sense to provide convenient, personalized and affordable care on your terms.  It should be a simple and effective process that enables patients to really make great medical strides in their care with new and effective treatment for PE. Our motto is “Leave your pen at home and save your John Hand cock for those that really need it”.

No Commitment-No Premature Ejaculation

Find out what why no commitment telemedicine companies have patient advantages and more equipped to handle specific case to case treatment plans for men who suffer from premature ejaculation. You’ll understand after reading this why avoiding stress free contracts is the only way to go.  Telemedicine holds great promise if patients understand which companies are truly out to help them.

Our Promise-Your Decision with No Strings Attached

Male operating puppet controls

Clinical treatment services shouldn’t come attached with strict guidelines and confusing contracts.  Case management guidance for premature ejaculation (PE) increases client satisfaction when they know they are not bound by ridiculous payment or extended treatment terms. One of the main advantages to virtual treatment for PE is that it takes the pressure off of patients to travel over great distances if they live far away.  Why not enjoy the riches of a better sex life and leave the fine print behind?

Enjoying the Freedom-How to be your own best advocate

Another nice thing about not signing a telemedicine contract with a company is being able to access your risk level without taking on the responsibility of inconvenient payment structures and getting unwarranted costly treatments you may not need.  Telemedicine with Viamed Australia differs from the pack because it’s a no commitment zone in which we allow our patients the freedom of choice.  To choose when they feel they have gotten all they can get from our treatment programs and walk away scot free with no monkeys on their back trying to coax them out of more money.


Security and Peace of Mind

 peace of mind replacement

Between Viamed Australia’s board certified physicians and our record for successfully treating men with premature ejaculation, patients don’t feel vulnerable or have to worry about confidentially and face to face consultations that are uncomfortable to say the least.  We take stress out of the equation so our patients can concentrate on curing the source of their sexual dysfunction.  Patients tap into not only discovering preventative lines of treatment, but also are taught to remove barriers or obstacles that might be currently holding them back from breaking free of the premature ejaculation cycle.

Our fundamental goal is to provide top notch medical care in the field of sexual dysfunction by letting us worry about how to monitor your treatment program without overruling or formalizing patient’s wishes. The level of care that is designated for male patients should be carefree, easy and most of all commitment free.

No Need for Heavy Handed Tactics


Sometimes telemedicine companies take an all or nothing approach to the treatment PE.  They try and negotiate with patients in order to compartmentalize patient symptoms and in turn present ineffective cookie cutter solutions.  Viamed Australia doesn’t believe that PE is a black and white issue and that for every patient there just may be a gray area that needs specialized treatment plans.  We take our initial tele-consultation seriously by being objective and non-committal, while at the same time being fair to our patients.

Our intention is to make men feel good about making even the smallest progress rather than tackling to much all at once.  Instead, we offer a series of solutions without dictating tiring treatment terms. Sometimes it takes a few battles to win the war over sexual dysfunction.  Our strategy relieves patients of the burden of having a controlled agenda pushed onto them.  This alleviates and neutralizes the patient’s fears about being able to succeed with our program.

How to cure premature ejaculation?

It’s not something you care of when you get into your bed late night. The hectic and tight schedule makes it very troublesome to carry out everything just close to normal in your happy married life. Maybe you are in love with each other but expressing it with passion is what makes you special for your partner.

What happens in bed is something very private and discussing problems that occur due to some silly reasons are therefore not mentioned and in result making it a serious problem in carrying out the relationship to the next level. Premature ejaculation is a situation during the sexual intercourse, when you get ejaculated before you or your partner would like. In simple words it is the reduction in your sex power and abilities to stay longer in the action. It is something that has destroyed many relationships due to its sensitivity.    Lack of communication has been acting as a killing agent in this subject and the differences keep on increasing.

Cure premature ejaculation2

No doubt that sex is an important part of your life and actually the foundation of a strong bonding between two people. There has been a lot of discussion on premature ejaculation, and people are confused about it. A lot of rumors have been spread a due to them people get deflected in the wrong direction and end up doing something bad to themselves. Now when we are talking about premature ejaculation, you need to know what it actually is and when it becomes a problem for you.

Sometimes you get home from your work and you had a tiring day and are totally exhausted, this is a situation when you are not ready for something like hard sex or compassionate sex and you get ejaculated in quick time and feel like oh what the hell is wrong with me. You start feeling as if you are not normal and spread your reach to your doctors and other consultants and end up ruining yourself.

There are no criteria of the duration in the sexual intercourse. It’s the quality of your o that matters. Be there for short but give your best and show her how you feel that how beautiful and special she is for you. Premature ejaculation is nothing but a negative state of mind where you find yourself in depression.


There is a solution to everything and premature ejaculation is nothing but how you feel. Here are some tips for staying longer in bed and getting that confidence and passion back into your life.

The squeeze method is a very prevalent technique used over the world to cure premature ejaculation. It’s about squeezing the tip of your erect penis that makes you go calmer and helps in staying longer.

Always start with some foreplay just don’t rush to penetration make her feel special and arouse her to the very extent.

Cure premature ejaculation

Keeping a smooth rhythmic motion helps in increasing that pleasure as well as duration. Keep it with a steady pace and hard.

Tell her how special it is. Talking during the intercourse makes it more fun, and increases the time by a huge amount.

It’s not about for how much time you were into her; it’s about the quality of time and love.